Psyence is a competency-based group of companies and programs with roots in applied psychology and behavioural sciences.

PEMESERIE is an online portal for teenagers and young adults (14-24 years old) that provides access to professional career counselling through psychological testing. Through the tools provided by the portal, teenagers and young adults gain access to scientifically based advice to help them on their path to personal and professional success.


D&D Research is a research company specialized in consumer and advertising psychology, sociology, marketing communication, and social statistics. The company's senior consultants are well-known practitioners with solid expertise in applied psychology, and ties to the local academic and scientific communities.


TestCentral is Romania's largest publisher of psychological tests, presently holding exclusive distribution rights for a portfolio that will soon reach 100 tests and professional manuals. Many of these hold the status of international gold standards in their respective fields. TestCentral products and services are used by more than 4,000 psychologists and over 2,000 organizations.


42 Romania is the Romanian Authorized Distributor of the assessment and talent management solutions for CEB's SHL Talent Management™. The solutions offered within the SHL Framework are used globally by more than half of the Fortune 500 Companies, many of which have Romanian operations and already benefit from SHL solutions via 42 Romania.

PARENTING ROMANIA is an online portal that gives parents access to professional psychological testing for children at various developmental stages. The tests assess behavior and screen for possible childhood-specific psychological problems.


Brio® Standardized Testing System is an assessment system that ranks and monitors the academic performance level of Romanian students, grades 1 to 12. Addressed to students, parents, and teachers, Brio® is based on the Romanian curriculum and is aligned to international standards and methodology for assessments. Currently available for math, the standardized digital tests will soon include the Romanian language, physics, chemistry, and biology.